With more & more clients subcontracting in industry it was felt that there was a need for an all encompassing management & solutions division to help our client’s improve & maintain their standards of service, operations, Due Diligence & Profit Protection.

Our team will operate during service as additional eyes & ears for senior management to ensure the existing & new operating standards & systems are maintained from in-house polices to governmental regulations.

Our service covers all aspects of the unit operation in the same way as any management team would do; however as an independent body we can more fervently control & enforce management discipline & structure which is often lacking & which can lead to a lack of ownership & diligence.  Keeping your profits in the company and not in the pockets of others.

As part of the management operation we will monitor and assist with the control of your cash and cashless systems on site. This helps makes sure that cash gets to the correct place at the right time, reducing risk of loss and reducing staffing costs at outlets and your cash office.  Additions to the service also include: Till Audit Readings & Till Crashes (Till Spot Checks).

Monitoring and controls of Cashless Payment Systems & PDQ Systems plus monitoring of the staff and the operating procedures to help prevent staff from taking cash as cashless outlets in exchange for goods and services.  Please note that this is not a security service nor a cash in transit system, neither do we insure the cash on site. Security measures and CIT services will still need to be in place, but our systems and services will enable you to operate a more secure and controlled transit of cash whilst it is still on site enabling you to reduce operating costs.

If you think safety is costly...  Wait until you see the cost of an accident.
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 Company & Governmental Compliance, Profit Protection. (Ensuring all company & governmental regulations are upheld including: Employment Law, HR, Health, Hygiene, Safety, COSHH & Licensing)  

 Stadium & Venue Cash Management & Associated procedures. We supply Dedicated, Customised Controls and Procedures for all of your cash management requirements on-site. From delivery of floats, Milking of the surplus cash from the tills throughout the day, right through to the collection of the closedown cash from the retail outlets at the end of the night. 
 Cashless Systems.  Specialists in monitoring CashLess systems with regard to loss prevention of revenue and stock. (Yes you can lose revenue and stock from cashless bars) 

 VIP Hosting Training.

 High End Test Purchasing including:  Standards, Procedures & Customer Care.
Compliance Management

The idea was to provide a service that would allow the client to insert some additional management controls & structure back into diluted & fractured industries whilst also refining their working model; in essence putting the backbone back into the industry whilst still being mindful of the needs & requirements of modern day staff & HR requirements. Cultural awareness is also paramount in our services making sure that religious and cultural traditions are also taking into consideration when setting policy & controls, whilst still staying within the letter of the law. 

This is not done by dictatorial means but by explanation, education and working synergistically with the staff to achieve the set goals and standards.  We welcome comments and questions from staff and are always able to explain and justify the reasons for all procedures; at the same time we welcome input as to how systems or controls could be better implemented for the good of all concerned.

Reduced Risk Of Governmental Fines & Lower Insurance Costs

Tighter Client Controls

Stadium & Venue Cash Management & Cashless Systems

VIP Hosting & Customer Care

VIP Suite Hosting frees your management and hosting teams to focus on new areas of the operation.  VIP Hosting Service for VIP areas such as Private Dining Rooms, VIP Lounges & VIP Suites acting as both host & client co-ordinator throughout the event making sure that every need of the guest is being catered for.  

Providing The Next Step

With additional services such as System Solutions where we design custom systems intended to aid the flow of your operation whilst increasing revenue we can then let you get on with the all important parts of moving the company forward.

All Aspects Of The Onsite Management Are Covered In Our Unique Service Including:

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