Brand & Guest Assurance

Regardless of whatever your company is offering in the way of services or products your Brand is really only about one thing...  TRUST!

Your Clients, Customers & Guests need to Trust in your Brand and what its core Principles & Promises are, Brand Assurance gives you the additional Eyes & Ears to make sure your Brand is living up to these Principles & Promises.

The saying goes “The Queen Thinks The World Smells Of Fresh Paint” Whilst we think the queen is smarter than this she probably cant help but notice that there is more often than not a smell of fresh paint at many of the real world places she visits. Likewise when your senior management team visit a venue they get to see the operation at its best, which is not always what your customer see.

Survey forms & website reviews do not give the whole picture & 96% of Unhappy Customers Don't Complain & 91% Don't Come Back.

There is a whole raft of guests / customers that will never take to review sites or bother to complete guest surveys, they just won’t return to your establishment. That’s where we coming, we act as the eyes and ears for that type of guest giving you the whole picture not just a snapshot.      

How is Brand Assurance different from current services such as Test Purchasing or Mystery Shoppers, well those services normally only as the name suggests deals with the purchase or customer experience whereas what Brand Assurance does is to monitor your entire operation both Customer side and Staff side, from Front of House to Back of House thus giving you the full picture of your Brand from all aspects of your operation.

Or you can choose our Guest Assurance option which is similar to Mystery Guests/Shoppers but with a major difference in that many companies that offer these services do not use trained staff who know what to look for from a insiders prospective. Many clients tell us that their old mystery guests/shoppers are spotted by staff as they seem out of place, stick to an order pattern or ask too many questions; that never happens with us.

With our team of industry insiders we know exactly what to look for and when to ask the relevant questions. Its like sending members of your management team in undercover, you get a no nonsense bullet report of your guest experience from industry insiders that think not only like a guest but also like You!

Brand Assurance & Guest Assurance gives you the additional Eyes & Ears to make sure your Brand is living up to it’s core Principles & Promises. It’s like having an undercover management team working for you. 

Mystery Guest | Hotel Inspectors
& Profit Protection monitors your guest experience in the same way as a normal Mystery Shopper / Guest, but with one Big Difference... As industry insiders rather than members of the general public that are normally booked by most mystery shopper services, We Know What To Look For. This service also covers Theft Prevention to monitor all potential areas of staff theft.

Also we don't operate to a pattern or survey form when visiting your venue, as is all too common with some companies, your staff can see them coming a mile off.  
Ideal for Hotels | Guesthouses
Spas | Restaurants | Members Clubs & Casinos.

Brand Assurance not only monitors your Brand Standards from a Patrons perspective but also your Back Of House Areas and Operations.
Ideal for Franchise | Branded Chains| Organizations |Hotels | Retail Chains.

Just because you have a operations manual in place doesn’t mean that they will be carried out to the letter, this can have a serious effect on your standards and ultimately your Brand.

Franchises Outlets
Hospitality Industry
Stadia & Arenas
Bars & Clubs
Retail Outlets

In fact almost any industry whose brand is key to their success.
If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the Brand.
Howard Schulzt, CEO Starbucks

Its impossible to think of a great company without thinking of the Brands core principles and that’s why it is so vitally important to protect that Brand against the natural dilution of standards that can happen in any company. Our twenty one years experience and attention to detail will allow us to not only pick up on the larger issues but also to pick up on the tiny issues that so often get missed, however these can have such a major negative effect on a customer or client. 

Sometimes a guest at a hotel might not consciously know why they never rebook a stay or a Coffee House patron might not know why they don’t return to an outlet even though they like the coffee.  Somewhere in the back of those peoples minds that company has not lived up to the promise or expectation of that Brand.  Let us help you Assure the Quality, Consistency and Perception of your Brand so that your customers, Guests and Clients continue to give you the patronage you have worked so hard for.

Trust In Your Brand Is Paramount

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