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  We Will Help You To Build A More Profitable Business
  Increase Your Number Of Revenue Streams
  Maximize Your Business Potentials By Enhancing Your Techniques
  Profit Protection & Reduce Running Costs
  Offer You New, Exciting & Creative Ideas
  Teach You The Secrets Of Writing Powerful Copy for Adverts &  Promo Emails 
  Arrange FREE Advertising & Editorial For Your Company
  Teach Exceptional Quality & Standards Of Service
  We Will Motivate Staff & Increase Staff Efficiency 
  Find Creative Solutions To Existing Problems
  New Opportunities & Marketing Ideas
  Find New & Synergistic Marketplaces For You
  Teach You How to Foresee Pitfalls Before You Fall Down Them  
  We More Than Pay For Ourselves At No Direct Cost To You
  Reduce Your Losses & Increase Your Profits

Imagine if you will that you are conducting an orchestra but in mid overture you have to leave the lectern to tune the 1st violin;  then tighten the skin on the timpani how well do you think even the finest orchestra would fair before they dropped the odd beat or played the wrong notes without their conductor in full command?   


Nor would you have time to notice that during your absence from command the

triangle player has gone home early, nor time to realise that if you added more musicians you could play more detailed and fuller works allowing you to charge more for your performances.


If you are running a small business you are often too busy making a living to see new opportunities or to refine existing practise; at a corporate level you are often too busy crunching numbers or in a routine of sticking to the tried and tested, that creativity and new ideas don’t even make it to the boardroom.

As a management consultancy we don’t have to maintain the instruments or have to work out cash flows to see if we can afford additional musicians, therefore we are freed up to look at your operation with fresh and subjective eyes, to be able to find new and exciting ways to improve your standards and your bottom line.


Our fees are more than offset by your increased profits, reduced costs and new revenue streams, after all we make our money by making you MORE MONEY; improve our credibility by IMPROVING your standards.

...Zig Ziglar.

J W Marriott, Marriott Hotels & Corporation
“Never mistake the price of something for its value”

...Jim Rohn

PS. ..It really is POSSIBLE to apply some SIMPLE business SECRETS to almost ANY business to DRAMATICALLY INCREASE your profits and see it go from C+ to A+ from 4* to 5* or from Gold Standard to Diamond Standard.

Success is a philosophy that accepts that ‘None of us is as smart as all of us’...

“We will make you MORE MONEY, GUARANTEED.  No matter what you’re doing now or whatever the financial climate there is always an opportunity to increase your income whilst improving your standards and services.   Our fresh and innovative approach will not only show you new and creative ways of increasing clients, sales & standards but more importantly we will teach you how to develop these insider skills and techniques for future use.   On this site you will find a brief description of our two unique services and our current mission statement.  These services represent a new and dramatic approach in the Philosophy of Business Services and the Dedication and Passion we put into

everything we do; after all we only make money by making You Money.

Ray Hanson
Founder and President of PSMI & The PSL Group.
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